Carol R. Eaton

Artist Statement:
I find working with fabric is a great energy release for me. My original fiber wall art is stronly influenced by nature and my love of amily. My goal is to bring fabric art into your environment to experience the calm, familiar feeling fabric evokes. I believe fabric doesn't need to be explained because it's a medium we come into contact with every day. Fabric feels comfortable and you instinctively reach out to touch, feel and explore it. There are no sharp points, jagged edges or cold surfaces in my art; only warm colors, balance, and an unexpected variety of textures. These are the elements emphasized in my designs to provoke a postivie and emotional reponse when viewing my work.

As a young girl my mother taught my sisters and I to sew and understiand how to create a well-constructed garment. I discovered tradional quilting in 1990 when my first child was boran and created menay designs to encourage infants to engage with their environment through the use of textures and color. Eventually my creativity pushed me into the worl of art quilts and then into surface design. My current passion is incorporating unusual hand dying processes such as ice dysing, confetti dying, and decolorant techniques to create one-of-a-kind fabric. Creating my own fabric has opened new doors for me and I look forward to continuing the journey of art exploration.

Carol R. Eaton Designs

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